Cooling solutions for electromobility

Cooling concepts for charging stations

EKL LadestationenAn important key figure in electromobility is the range of vehicles. To ensure maximised range and individual mobility, drivers of modern electric and hybrid vehicles require increasingly shorter charging times. However, these fast charging processes generate an enormous amount of heat that must be dissipated. At the same time, "refuelling" must be reliable, simple and safe.

The compact integration of a reliable cooling solution in charging stations, the charging plug or the charging cable ensures a continuously high charging cycle. With an adapted cooling solution, you can eliminate limiting factors in charging time. Good cooling can reduce the cross-section of the charging cables, making them far more flexible and convenient for the user. Sensors and electronics in the charging station or wallbox must also have an appropriate cooling solution to ensure that the charging process is always safe.

Thermal simulations and prototyping save costs and valuable development time. Leave nothing to chance!

By integrating thermal simulations into the development process from the beginning, thermal problems can be detected and resolved at an early stage. Cost and performance optimisations can also be implemented immediately. EKL AG offers the production of functional and close-to-series prototypes. This allows you to verify your cooling solution in real operation. Increase your planning reliability and test the defined parameters of your cooling solution.

Liquid cooling for Li-ion batteries

EKL Batteriekühlung

Having an effective cooling solution ensures the functionality and a long service life of the Li-ion batteries. An ideal temperature setting improves the efficiency and performance of the batteries - and therefore of the entire vehicle.

In the area of electromobility, there is often only very limited installation space available for a cooling solution, and at the same time, it needs to be as light as possible. In addition, the heat must be dissipated reliably and safely. In comparison to other technologies, liquid cooling is the ideal cooling solution in the field of battery cooling, as it meets all of these requirements.

The advantages of liquid cooling:

  • Particularly suitable for confined installation spaces
  • Transfer of the cooling liquid to another location can be realised easily
  • Connection to an existing cooling circuit is simple
  • Different material combinations are possible

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