Unpack & assemble


We offer a full package, which doesn’t just include a cooling solution. No matter if, you require special treatments, need help with the design of components or put great value on product-specific packaging. Whatever is needed - design driven requirements to surfaces, corrosion protection or EMC guidelines. EKL AG delivers your cooling solution and all you have to do is to unpack and install it.


  • Production of small quantities and prototypes
  • CNC machining on 3-axis and 5-axis machining centers (X 850; Y 700; Z 500)
  • Assembly of input-group-addon parts (threaded inserts, bushes and copper cores)


cnc bearbeitung

Heatpipe design and rating

  • Specific selection and design of heatpipes

(Qmax, position, quantity, length und bend)

  • Selection of the latest heat pipe technologies

(sintered, loop, composite)

  • 100% performance tests of the heatpipe coolers

Heatpipe Kuehler




  • Anodizing
  • Chromating
  • Powder coating
  • KTL-coating
  • Nickel-plating
  • Painting






  • Screws
  • Springs
  • Push-Pins
  • Backplates
  • Thermal compound




  • Product specific packaging
  • Best protection during transport
  • Ideal for resale
  • Recyclable materials


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