EKL 22200

22200.30465W TDP Premium Cooler for Intel® Socket LGA 17XX


  • Powerful top flow design
  • Simple and tool-free push pin fastening for Intel® Socket LGA 17XX
  • High performance thermal paste
  • Quiet and low-vibration 92 mm PWM fan


The EKL 22200 consists of an extrusion profile and dissipates the heat from your processor ideally and reliably. With a compact height of only 60mm, this cooler is ideal for all compact PC systems, workstations or even for the normal office PC. The built-in fan has a 4-pin connection and can therefore be controlled manually via the mainboard. This enables an adjustable speed range of 500-1800 rpm. Thanks to the PWM signal, the fan operates depending on the workload of the CPU.


22200.326 22200.327 22200.328 22200.329




Part number (Retail) 22210021000
Part number (Bulk) 22210121000
EAN (Retail) 4250280329766
EAN (Bulk) 4250280331370
Thermal Design Power 65W
Material Aluminium
Weight 410 g
Packaging 27 coolers / carton
Compatibility Intel® LGA 17XX
Dimensions 100 x 100 x 60 mm
Speed 500 - 1800 RPM
Bearing Hydraulic bearing
Rated Voltage 12 VDC
Airflow 55,4 m³/h
Noise 22,6 dB(A)
Lifetime L10 20000 h at 40° C


22200 dimensions


















The thermal and mechanical compatibility can vary depending on the system used. All information according to manufacturer specifications. Data subject to change (11/21).

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