Heatsinks for Embedded Systems und IPCs


Continuously growing computing power of embedded systems and ICPs in combination with increasing power loss require high-performance cooling solutions to keep these systems at the right temperature. Heatsinks not only increase the service life of these systems but also prevent malfunctions which may occur with overheated components. The narrow construction space in these systems often makes finding a suitable cooling solution difficult. In most cases standard products can't be mounted or their performance is not sufficient for optimum cooling the components. EKL AG offers the service to develop and manufacture the cooling solution that fits your application.

embedded kühlkörper


With or without fan?

Active coolers are applied when fanless cooling is insufficient due to the power loss being too high. The fan supports the heatsink to dissipate the heated air in the housing and so also contributes to cooling the components. EKL AG offers a large range of fans from renowned manufacturers such as ebm papst, Adda, Everflow and Sanyo Denki.

Our services at a glanceBild1

  • Mechanical design
  • Thermal simulations
  • Heat sinks with copper inlay
  • Heatpipe design
  • Heatspreader solutions with heatpipes
  • CNC machining and surface finishing
  • Large selection of fans from well-known manufacturers
  • Design of input-group-addon parts (screws, springs, blisters, etc.)
  • Transport-safe packaging design


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