EKL 21924

High-end CPU cooler for Intel® socket 115X, 1200 up to 95W TDP




Main features

  • Simple screw fastening
  • Mounting system for Intel® socket 115X / 1200
  • Low noise PWM controlled 80mm fan
  • Cost-optimised aluminum design
  • High-performance thermal compound
  • Secure backplate included

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Excellent cooling performance for socket 115X / 1200

The EKL 21924 consists of an extrusion profile and dissipates the heat of your processor ideally and reliably. With a compact height of only 60mm, this cooler is ideal for all compact PC systems, workstations and even for the normal office PC.




Almost inaudibly quiet

The mounted PWM fan has a 4-pin connection and can be controlled via the mainboard. This enables an adjustable speed range of max. 3600 rpm. Thanks to the existing PWM signal, the fan acts depending on the workload of the CPU.

In addition, the fan has a Sintec plain bearing with a life expectancy (L10) of over 70,000 hours.

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Simple and secure mounting

The EKL 21924 is installed by solid screw mounting. The high-performance thermal compound is already applied to the base plate - all you have to do is unpack and install the cooler.

Dimensions EKL 21924


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Heatsink Specifications


Part number:  EKL 21924
Material:  Aluminum
Thermal design power: 95W TDP
Weight:  420 g
Compatibility*: Intel® socket 115X, 1200

Fan Specifications**


Type: 8412 N/2GHP
Dimensions: 80 x 80 x 25 mm
Speed: max. 3600 rpm
Bearing: Sintec Sleeve Bearing
Rated Voltage: 12 VDC
Airflow: 78 m³/h
Noise level: max. 35 dB(A)
Lifetime L10: 70.000 h