Cold forged heatsinks

Fanless cooling in increasingly powerful systems requires high-performance heat sinks with a very large surface area.

To cool these systems effectively, EKL AG offers cold forged coolers. The use of high-purity aluminium or copper in the form of pin coolers meets these requirements perfectly. In contrast to extruded coolers, complex geometries are possible. In addition to customised designs, EKL AG also offers a selection of standard sizes.

Your advantages

  • Copper and aluminum coolers made from "one piece"
  • Standard sizes available
  • High purity aluminum with very high thermal conductivity
  • Large surface area possible due to round pins
  • High material density

Kalt geschmiedeter Kühlkörper

 geschmiedete Kühlkörper


Everything from one source

  • CNC-Machining (turning, milling, punching)
  • Design of heatpipes
  • Surface treatments
  • Mounting compontents
  • Individual design of packaging for safe transport

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